Healthy Body Healthy Planet online Workshop

Presented by  Linda Purcell from Veggie OUTLAWS and Laura Cuñer from Avafina Products 

Online event: Free on September 14 at 5:30 pm PDT

Research has shown that having a plant-based diet is the best way to improve health and help reduce greenhouse emissions. Discover some delicious recipes that help in cooling down the planet while feeding your body healthy nutrients. Learn how to cook delicious plant-based dishes with a Latin American twist. 

Join us for this workshop that explores plant-based recipes and ingredients with Linda Purcell and Laura Cuñer.

Cook along with Linda Purcell. Learn how to make Badass Black Bean Soup.

Laura Cuñer will share how to implement plant-based foods into your regular diet with easy recipes (Vegan Protein Breakfast Bowl, Queen Cheese Kale Chips, Qummus Curry Soup, Raw Vegan Chocolate Truffles)

The workshop includes learning the tricks of how to implement plant-based foods into your regular diet and how to transform meat-based foods into plant-based delights. Includes a discussion on how to incorporate zero-waste practices into cooking.

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About the Author Linda Purcell

I am Linda Purcell the author of Veggie OUTLAWS – most wanted vegan recipes. I have been vegetarian for the past 12 years, a transitional vegan for the last few years, and am now committed to eating only plant-based foods. I moved towards eating more plant-based foods because I care about the health of my family. I have compassion for animals. And I know a vegan lifestyle is better for the planet.

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