Thank you for having us, Langley Vegan Pot-Luck Group!

On March 16th the veggie OUTLAWS team was thrilled to be invited to a vegan pot-luck group out at Langley where like-minded individuals can come together to celebrate all things vegan food!  As an advocate for plant-based living and the author of Veggie OUTLAWS - Most Wanted Vegan Recipes, I was thrilled to share in the vegan spirit and discuss the principles that have inspired my very own journey.

Having the opportunity to share my story, eat delicious food made by other adventurous vegans our whole team felt so welcomed into the group.

Here's what the coordinator of the Langley Pot-Luck Group had to say!

Thank you to Linda, our wonderful and very motivating speaker who gave us a fun filled time with the 'quizzes' on veganism while revealing many facts about it at the same time. You literally had us on our feet laughing and learning.  Thank you for such a great presentation.

I was happy to see so many new people attending. It was lovely to meet all of them. We missed all those who didn't make it, especially, Jennifer who was the one who suggested to invite Linda to be our speaker.  

I feel so grateful to all our group who faithfully come to meet together, share a wonderful vegan meal, share and exchange thoughts with each other, and just be supportive of each other. With the challenges of life and the world today we can be grateful that there is an opportunity to come together enjoy each other's company, good food, and just 'BE'.  Sometimes we don't realize those small things that help us along the path. 

Thank you all.  We'll look forward to our next gathering/potluck and hopefully have another speaker as well. Please let me know if there is a speaker on any subject that we might enjoy listening to promoting health and/or spiritual well being which we all need.

See you next time.


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About the Author Linda Purcell

I am Linda Purcell the author of Veggie OUTLAWS – most wanted vegan recipes. I have been vegetarian for the past 12 years, a transitional vegan for the last few years, and am now committed to eating only plant-based foods. I moved towards eating more plant-based foods because I care about the health of my family. I have compassion for animals. And I know a vegan lifestyle is better for the planet.

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